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Other Services

Expatriate Relocation was originally founded to assist companies moving personnel into the North West of England. Over the years our services have expanded within this sector and now cover the whole of the UK.

Corporate Moves

All our Relocation Services are available but additionally we can offer:-

  • Tenant management – paying all costs for an employee on assignment. This includes payment of rent, utilities, council tax, TV licence, car rental, furniture rental, stamp duty land tax (SDLT) etc. All of the aforementioned can be paid on behalf of a company providing one invoice each month with all items broken down and copy invoices as necessary. We can also be one point of call for the tenant if there are any issues; we will professionally manage any repairs and oversee the problem solving process.

Moves outside the Northwest of England

Whilst moves into the North West of England are dealt with by our team, we also offer the same level of service throughout the U.K. where we manage any move in conjunction with local Relocation providers with whom we have established relationships.

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