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Plentiful supply makes large rental homes good for a Cheshire relocation

April 20th, 2012 | Posted by admin in Expatriate Relocation - (Comments Off on Plentiful supply makes large rental homes good for a Cheshire relocation)

If you’re considering a Cheshire relocation for work purposes, and you want to take your family with you, the availability of family-sized homes in the area may be something you are worried about.

However, comments from the Association of Residential Letting Agents show that the region has a plentiful supply of properties to let with four bedrooms or more.

This is allowing tenants to negotiate on their rates and research their landlords fully ahead of a Cheshire relocation, so their costs are lower and they face fewer interruptions.

Philip Chadwick, ARLA’s spokesman for Cheshire, says: “On four-bedroom properties at [rents of] £1,500-plus, there is invariably more negotiation as supply outstrips demand.”

The comments could make a home relocation to the area seem like less of a struggle for expats entering into the local workforce.

And, as we’ve noted before, there are a great deal of high-quality schools in Cheshire, along with the rolling countryside and natural environment.

Together, all of these things make a Cheshire relocation ideal not only for individuals, but for entire families undertaking a home relocation to the UK together.

Superfast broadband eases employee relocation to Cheshire

April 13th, 2012 | Posted by admin in Expatriate Relocation - (Comments Off on Superfast broadband eases employee relocation to Cheshire)

Employee relocation can be a stressful process for the individual and for their employer alike – however, a relocation to Cheshire need not be so turbulent, thanks to the availability of excellent high-speed internet coverage in the area.

British Telecom has just provided another 27,300 homes, businesses and schools in Cheshire with broadband internet at speeds of up to 20Mbps, doubling the maximum bandwidth that was previously available.

In spring 2013, 90% of homes, businesses and schools in Cheshire will have access to superfast broadband thanks to a new BT exchange – even if they don’t use BT as their internet provider – as the cables that carry the data can be used by other internet service providers as well.

Cheshire East councillor David Brown says: “This latest investment will no doubt be welcomed by local businesses and individual residents alike.”

The news means a Cheshire relocation does not put an individual out of reach – high-speed broadband connections not only mean easy email access, but can also support other forms of communication like VoIP calls and video conferencing.

If you make use of our employee relocation services, we can also communicate via the internet – and we welcome email enquiries if you need more information.

Schools in Cheshire benefit from pupil involvement

April 5th, 2012 | Posted by admin in Expatriate Relocation - (Comments Off on Schools in Cheshire benefit from pupil involvement)

Two schools in Cheshire have been celebrating the involvement of their pupils in charity fundraising and school building upgrade schemes.

At Hinderton School in Ellesmere Port, pupils, friends and family turned out to a fundraising day to help boost the amount raised by a seven-strong team of runners who are due to compete in the London Marathon.

The funds are to be put towards a new ball pool for the school’s autistic pupils – and headteacher Liam Dowling let pupils throw wet sponges at him in order to help the effort.

Meanwhile, at Helsby High School, an estimated £9,000 per year is being raised in a very different way, as the school has just installed the largest solar panel system in the Cheshire West and Chester Council jurisdiction.

The £9,000 will be produced through government feed-in tariffs that help to reward those who use green energy, and add to the £3,000 in saved electricity costs that the school expects to achieve each year.

Helsby High School has now appointed student ‘environmental champions’ to monitor the performance of the system and work out ways to involve it in lesson plans.

While the two schemes are starkly different from one another, they show how pupils at schools in Cheshire are closely involved in the running of their educational establishments, and how they are helping to boost the economic prosperity of the region as well.