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Further broadband boost makes corporate relocation to Cheshire compelling

May 4th, 2012 | Posted by admin in Expatriate Relocation

We recently reported on the knock-on benefits new superfast broadband could have on employee relocation to Cheshire, but a new study reinforces the positive claims for corporate relocation to Cheshire and its surrounding area.

Analysis carried out for BT has put a figure on the economic boost of having internet connections at up to 20Mbps for towns across Cheshire.

The findings could make corporate relocation to Cheshire sound more compelling than ever, as the rollout of superfast broadband is predicted to add £143 million to the economy of a typical town in the area.

Each town assessed in the report is expected to gain an average of 140 new small businesses and 225 new jobs.

In Cheshire’s cities, meanwhile, the figures are even higher, at 320 new businesses, 430 jobs and a total economic boost of £296 million.

For companies considering employee relocation to Cheshire, the figures are a clear demonstration of the existing and future possibilities of the region.

And while many of the new businesses are predicted to be created within the region itself, there’s no reason why existing big firms shouldn’t capitalise on the opportunities by relocating a team of employees to the area and opening a new office or branch.

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